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  1. For companies that make parts, components, and other products, the IIoT is integral to creating smart factories that leverage high-speed communication and computing for real business impact. Leading companies around the world are using the IIoT to bring operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT) together for the first time.
  2. Recognizing that a successful digital transformation journey starts with establishing an effective IoT strategy to address business needs, Colfax conducted several pilot efforts across its businesses, specifically aimed at adding value to the core products they already offered. This approach allowed access to an installed base of customers and sales and support teams that were bringing more value to solutions they already know.
  3. Most of the 2,800 U.S. factory workers slated for layoffs will be offered jobs but UAW says it will work to keep the four plants open that were selected to close next year.
  4. "We see investing in veteran-specific programs and resources as an ongoing part of our talent development strategy," said Ernest W. Marshall Jr., chief human resources office at Eaton.
  5. To capture the car’s elusive emotional connection, a Ford engineer embarked on a cross-country tour of Mustang clubs and met with women-only focus groups.