What is Vertical Milling? 

Milling is material removal from a mostly stationary work piece by moving a rotary tool across the surface.  




By utilizing a variety of tool configurations and manipulating them in combinations of all three dimensions, or three axis, complex geometry can be produced. 


Additional complexity can be added by rocking the work piece from front to back (fourth axis) or both front and back and side to side (fifth axis). 


Adding Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to the process allows precision and repeatability to within about one tenth the width of an average human hair.  Milling machines with multiple tool magazines, CNC controls, coolant systems and a variety of other features are called machining centers.  Machining centers designed to bring the tooling in from the side of a work piece are called horizontal machining centers.  Machining centers designed to bring the tooling in from above the work piece are called vertical machining centers.

Teton Machine Company utilizes CNC Vertical Machining Centers from Mazak and Haas.  All of them are fourth axis capable through the use of indexing attachments and one has built-in fourth axis capability.  All three machines are capable of spindle speeds up to 12,000 RPM and work envelopes range up to twenty inches by forty inches.  They’re equipped with through spindle coolant allowing for high speed material removal and fine finishes.  Routing coolant through the spindle and tool delivers it efficiently to the cutting area for better temperature control and chip removal. 


These three machining centers complement our lathe, swiss and horizontal capability perfectly.  Operations that cannot be efficiently performed by our high capacity horizontal cell or our multi-tasking lathes and swiss machines can be handled quickly and precisely by our CNC vertical machining centers.  Regardless of part geometry or quantity we have the right combination of the highest quality machine tools to deliver the results you’re seeking.  We’d love the opportunity to solve your machining challenges.